The Developing a Digital Platform

In this article, I can talk about the process of designing a digital platform, and explain how to pick a platform for your organization. The main difference between a traditional product and a digital platform would be that the former need to delight consumers, while the second item must please its users. The key is to choose a platform depending on the requires of your consumers. I’ll take you to a few techniques to do that.

The growth stage is the most important. This phase is certainly where you focus on the activities of the existing users, while the ripening phase is certainly when you focus on the added value of the users. The expansion phase is the most complex and requires careful planning. It’s important to make sure that the core features of your platform are designed and created to attract new users, while the ripening stage involves the binding of existing users.

The development process should combine documented principles. The paperwork scheme was created based on Alexander (1979) and consists of five elements: the name of the principle, its associated design field, some, and an illustration. The last 3 elements support try this you determine which patterns to implement. In this phase, you shouldn’t start implementing some of the patterns unless you’re certain of their program. After the first step, you can just do it with the subsequent phase of this process.