The sugar-plum Fairy (commonly known simply as sugar-plum) is the major antagonist of Disney’s 2018 live-action movies, The Nutcracker as well as the Four Realms.

The sugar-plum Fairy (commonly known simply as sugar-plum) is the major antagonist of Disney’s 2018 live-action movies, The Nutcracker as well as the Four Realms.

She is a bitter and devious fairy exactly who tries to overcome all Four Realms, making use of Mother Ginger as the pawn within her plans. She manages to generate the girl intentions hidden, until a time in which Clara Stahlbaum and Phillip the Nutcracker take a look at it, from which point they commit their particular initiatives in stopping sugar-plum and keeping the Four Realms.

Sugar Plum try broadly on the basis of the personality from the exact same name from tale by E.T.A. Hoffman in addition to dancing by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.


Several years prior to happenings of this movie, the sugar-plum Fairy is one of the most significant toys taken to lifestyle by a tool of talented inventor Marie Stahlbaum within the Four Realms. She was handed site across the Land of Sweets. Additional regents produced by Marie to rule over a specific domain included Hawthorne (the ruler of the Land of flora), Shiver (the leader regarding the secure of Snowflakes) and mama Ginger (the leader for the secure of entertainment).

In the course of time, Marie made a decision to keep the Four Realms forever to be together real personal group, making the kingdom become governed from the additional reagents. All four areas‘ people were sad observe Marie get, but whilst male regents and mama Ginger approved this modification, sugar-plum privately sensed damage and betrayed by Marie and made the decision enact revenge by dominating all the Realms with Marie’s tool to create an army of unstoppable tin soldiers. Mama Ginger tried to end the girl, but sugar-plum could cover her conspiracy by framing aforementioned, ultimately causing their banishment within her own domain and additionally gonna conflict using more three. During this period sugar-plum looked for the answer to turn on these devices but ended up being struggling to think it is.


On the surface, sugar-plum seems childishly innocent and kind, acting extremely nice and concerned for any areas‘ safety, but also really adoring of both Marie and Clara.

The truth is, however, Sugar Plum is actually vengeful, bitter, and vindictive, all of which stemmed from king Marie’s deviation from areas is along with her personal family. Sugar Plum viewed this as a betrayal and an abandonment on her previous king’s parts, and consequently desired to overcome all the Realms as a sort of childish spite against Marie. Regardless of this, she could manage a kindly facade for years, and got manipulative enough to encourage the others that mom Ginger ended up being the bad one and change Clara and Phillip into having the secret for her.

Sugar-plum normally most ruthless and does not care just who she hurts attain what she wished. This was very first revealed whenever she used Tin Soldiers, which were expressed by Phillip as „hallow“ and casually converted certainly one of her very own (sentient) dedicated soldiers back into a toy merely to express what she wanted to do to additional leadership once she have absorbed.

Despite this lady evil, at her center, she’s really a damage and mad youngster whose whole actions reflect a young child lashing down at their mothers with their expected abandonment, plenty that she goes as much as to wreck all the woman „mother’s“ designs as well as her own „siblings“ without the shame or conscience, yet still retaining a cleverness and patience important to adjust events to the lady choosing. She in addition seems to be very vain, featuring about how exactly prettier she’s than mummy Ginger.

Role into the movie


The sugar-plum Fairy began as a lifeless porcelain doll possessed by Marie Stahlbaum whenever she was a kid, but was actually taken to lives after Marie developed the Four Realms as its first Queen. Sugar Plum ended up being designated by Marie to tip over the secure of desserts while three additional regents (mom Ginger, Shivers and Hawthorne) happened to be allotted to rule the residual realms.

In the beginning, sugar-plum noticed comfy in this service membership of Marie, but once the many years went by, Marie chose to set the Four Realms for her household, so she left the four regents in total fee regarding the Four areas. Though Ginger, together with men Regents acknowledged this latest improvement in leadership, sugar-plum secretly disapproved this as she sensed deceived and abandoned by Marie. She after that decided it was time and energy to take over the Four Realms as the latest king and rebuild them in her own graphics to alleviate the woman serious pain.

Sugar Plum eventually discovered that Marie created a machine effective at transforming toys into live stuff (most likely the exact same one which produced the woman alive), and created a plot generate and deliver existence to a military of Tin Soldiers to accomplish the girl intent. But Mother Ginger read of sugar-plum’s land and made an effort to quit the girl, only to feel framed by second for attempting to incite the storyline, resulting Ginger’s banishment within her very own realm and a war contrary to the more three realms. Despite the drawback, sugar-plum try distraught to find out that a certain secret that can activate the machine was missing inside the Realms, pushing by herself to maintain her address.

Encounter Clara

During one Christmas Eve, an ill Marie will get their partner to offer kids Christmas provides as the lady passing away want. The woman youngest daughter Clara get a handcrafted egg-shaped container, and is told by the lady godfather Drosselmeyer that Marie developed it for her. After getting into a disagreement together with her dad during the ballroom for not wanting to dance with him, Clara locates a string signifying her surprise, that leads their inside Four Realms. Indeed there, Clara places the important thing hanging on a tree, but a mouse takes it for Ginger, a great deal to her dismay.

Clara techniques master Philip Hoffman, exactly who takes this lady over to read sugar-plum, Hawthorne and Shivers, that are all happy to see the child of their former king. Sugar-plum describes to Clara concerning history of the Four areas and also the maker, for which she together with other regents going to utilize it to defend their own realms against Ginger and her power. Sugar-plum then sends over Hoffman and some soldiers to assist Clara in confronting Ginger and successfully taking straight back one of the keys, but Clara are irritated to learn that the egg happens to be a music escort services in Sparks field after becoming locked from the trick.